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The cloth of love

The cloth of love

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"Love does not come prepackaged,

you create it!

It is not a ready-made dress,

but a cloth to cut,

prepare and sew ...

M. Quoist


A tailored suit

The love relationship between a man and a woman can be compared to the process of making a tailored made suit, from the initial idea to the finished creation, by means of choosing the fabric, that is, the person with whom to "sew" the relationship.

If  the questions that are important in a relationship are contrasting in either partner, perhaps it is better that I find someone who is in line with my way of thinking!

In Love, everything depends on the preparation and choice of the other!


The fabric of love is precious!

In fact it is of very high quality,  like 100% pure silk, which is raw and white in color. Then you are the one who has the freedom and responsibility to make it beautiful. But first it takes a lot of  craftsmanship. That of a true tailors capable of creating with art, patience and mastery.

After creating the sketch of the dress, you need to prepare the pattern, to be studied in detail. After this everything is placed on the fabric, which must be cut with the utmost precision.

Then in order to sew well, with solid stitches you need to choose a thread that is compatible, that does not pull and does not break: the fabric of love is delicate, and like silk it must be sewn with silk thread because the two materials know each other and together they create a unique bond, just like that bond we create when we trust those we love.

In the end, when we put the dress on the mannequin, we are amazed and we begin to focus on everything we have done, and again we see that we can improve on it in order to give it the finishing touches and make it special, unique and ours alone.

When the time is right, here comes the day you have always been waiting for. The moment you imagined when you had designed the model that you felt most yours.
You get ready and prepare to wear your dress, the result of hard and meticulous work.
However it s  beautiful, unique and above all made with the finest material.


All of us have received this precious cloth,
and all of us have been gifted with the talent
to make it special and unique in the same way Love is.


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