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Turris Eburnea

Turris Eburnea

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is beauty and youth at the service of Good

“Turris Eburnea” offers guidance and welcome to young people eager to seek together the true meaning of Love, thus becoming the protagonists of a new culture of Love.

The educational intent of Turris Eburnea is to help young people develop a healthy critical sense towards the dominant culture and to invite them to reflect and question themselves on issues such as:

  • life as a gift: created and loved by God to open their heart to true Love and discover the beauty and richness of the difference between man and woman
  • body language and sexuality, a precious pearl to be preserved by rediscovering the worth of chastity
  • the gifts of youth and beauty, treasures to be valued with respect for oneself and for the others
  • freedom’s true meaning, God’s gift to be able to choose the path of Good, while knowing that every day it is possible to stand up again and start on a new path through the sacrament of reconciliation


To reach young people through young people


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