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Not just fashion

Not just fashion

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Not just fashion!

In our centres, we often welcome groups of young people who ask us to scrutinize topics like affectivity, love, dignity and women’s role.

Among the various things we talk about, are natural regulation of fertility, contraception, abortion, pornography, etc.

Married couples are also invited, to share with them the important stages of the choice: engagement, marriage and the relationship meant to build the ‘us’ of a couple.

Another way of proposing these topics is visiting schools, parishes and other places where young people hang out to meet them through dialogue, formation and media support.


Lunches, tea breaks, happy-hours

Sitting around a table and enjoying good food together helps opening up with more spontaneity and freedom. This is why we often offer lunches, happy hours and other convivial moments in our various centres. At times we also invite experts to share with them experiences, knowledge, curiosities in a very informal setting.

Simple lessons of make-up and modelling posture and etiquette can be a way to approach youth and dialogue with them.


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