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In the history of the Turris Eburnea…

… some meetings with the Pope constitute decisive milestone.

on february 4th, 1941 Pio XII meets a group of young women led by don Peyron and bless the gold crown with which the statue of the Turris Eburnea will be crowned  on April 27th,1941

on October 8th, 1942, new audience given by Pio XII to don Peyron and a small group that will constitute the” roots” of the Turris Eburnea

on April 8th, 1967, the Turris Eburnea is granted a private audience by Pope PaoloVI. His words still illuminate the way and gives us courage today.

Here is one of the most luminous passages

“… you teach by example and by giving a persuasive and charming personal testimony, that words like elegance and training, charm and modesty, easy manners and purity, feminine grace and divine grace, not only can go very well together but also are realities, even today loved and appreciated, to be jealously upheld together and, together, vigorously circulated.

Reaching also publics and spheres  where Catholicism is not well known, you have contributed to making the efficacy of its content felt, that is : joy and felicity, serenity and peace, goodness and order, in the light and love that descend from the heavenly father.”


4.gruppo con Papa Paolo VIIn December1985, while we were greeting Giovanni Paolo II who was visiting our parish of San Marco in Rome, he said to us:” Turris Eburnea: apostolate of Love”.







4.gruppo con Papa Paolo VIOn October 2001: on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Turris Eburnea, we have the privilege of a photo of Pope Giovanni Paolo II taken with a fair group of young people. we had time to exchange a few words and deliver a letter of gratitude and commitment to accompany him with our prayers.




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