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Some history

Some history

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Ivory Tower, the symbols of purity and strength

A name in itself a programme with a history that has its roots in the Turin of the 40s. There, don Michele Peyron, a young priest with a law degree, was often asked to give advice to married couples in difficulty. Thus matures the idea of enlightening young people on the true meaning of love and marriage. At the centre of his attention is above all the woman, convinced as he is of her extraordinary positive or negative influence on men: no woman is neutral

It is in the Virgin Mary that don Peyron sees the ideal model of femininity and beauty. For this reason, in the wake of a speech given by Pope Pio XII who invited young people to rediscover the virtues of fortitude and purity, he decides to call “ Turris Eburnea” ( one of the litanies of the Virgin Mary) the newly formed group. It is April 27, 1941.

Among the most original activities offered to young people from the very beginning, is a series of real fashion shows, prepared in-house and outside any trade, to be presented everywhere in Italy and abroad. The first show outside the national borders is Modane ( France ) in 1952. It was followed with great audacity, faith and sacrifice, by numerous tours in Europe and in around the world which continue to this day.


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