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Love must be built

Love must be built

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"Love is not something already made

it has to be built!

It is not an already tailored dress

but a piece of cloth to be cut, prepared and sewed.

It is not a flat "keys in hand",

 but a house to be conceived, built,

maintained and often repaired.

It is not a peak to conquer, but a start from the valley,

fascinating climbs, painful falls

in the cold of the night or in the warmth of a burning sun.

It is not a triumphant YES,

a huge landmark amongst the music, the smiles and the applauses,

but a multitude of “yes” punctuating life,

amongst a multitude of “no” which are forgotten on the way...

In the same way, being faithful is not about:

not getting lost, not fighting, not falling.

It’ s about always getting up and always going on.

It’ s about wanting to pursue to the end

             the plan prepared together and freely decided.

It is trusting the other person beyond the shadows and the night, it is supporting each other beyond the falls and the wounds.

It is trusting Almighty LOVE, beyond love."

M. Quoist

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