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Letter from God to the groom

Letter from God to the groom

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“The being standing next to you is mine.
I have created her. I have always loved her

I have not hesitated to give my life for hers.
I am entrusting this being to you!
You will take her from my hands and become responsible for her.


When you met this being of mine, you found her beautiful and fell in love. She was moulded by my hands; her tenderness and love were put there by my heart; her sensibility and all the beautiful qualities you find in her were formed by my wisdom.

However, it is not enough for you to simply enjoy her... You will come to realise she needs many things: a home... clothes... serenity... joy... balance... affection... tenderness...etc. But you will need to realise that most of all she needs Me and all that allows her to come to Me: a peaceful heart, a pure spirit, prayer, My Word, forgiveness, hope and trust in Me, My Life.

Let’s make a deal: we shall love her together!

I have always loved her, you started loving her a few years ago. I am the one who has put your love for her in your heart: it was the most beautiful way for you to notice her, it was the most beautiful way to tell you “I am entrusting her to you”.

I will make you capable of loving her as I love her!

Let’s make a deal: It is not possible for us to love her in two different ways... Many deceive themselves that they can do without Me! But if I am not there when you build your life and your love, you tire in vain, more. If you will love each other with Me, you will become a source of strength even for others... Nowadays, it is so rare to believe in Real Love! One looks more for sensations than Love! If the two of you love each other as I love, with a faithfulness which knows no bounds, you will give a reason to hope to all because they will see that Love is possible.

When you use me as a reference,
you will discover how to love and I will show you
what life I have dreamed for this being
which has become your bride, your groom!”


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