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When the Church
invites us to avoid premarital sexual relationship,
not “to sell off” one’s body,
not to free sexuality from love
and responsibility,
it proposes something more, a positive.

Possessing each other when one does not yet belong to each other permanently
makes love and each person more fragile.

By the grace of the sacrament of marriage
the love between a man and a woman
is founded not on the moving sand of their strength
but on the rock of Christ love for his Church”.

(from Famiglia, risorsa decisiva by A. Scola)


“…Our choice not to have sex, while together as boyfriend and girlfriend, was not born from the fear, which unfortunately many young people have, of the fact that my girlfriend could get pregnant, nor from an external imposition, even less from the drowsiness of our senses which remain extraordinarily alive and pulsating, but this choice comes from the awareness of the greatness of our love: a sexual relationship means merging in a total and definitive way, and this presupposes an union of souls that only marriage can give us. Our chastity is, therefore, the fruit of our love.”

Testimony of a young man

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