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The best story

The best story

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"What has been extraordinary in my life is the incredible value of a piece of advice I received


It was given quickly, almost in a hurry during a walk at Champoluc * and it changed not only my life, but also another life.  The piece of advice was: often to say the rosary for my future husband, in spite of not knowing his name and how or when  I would meet him!

At that time I was only about 15, but I was fascinated by the idea, which I found a little romantic, to prepare for my anonymous "prince charming.

I put into practice that piece of advice, a little out of the ordinary, and I prayed hard for a while… but like many fifteen year olds… unfortunately my fervour didn't last long; nevertheless the idea of praying for my future husband stayed with me.

David, my prince charming, appeared many years after that cold afternoon at Champoluc and is now my husband; not only is he an extraordinary husband, but a man entirely dedicated to the work of evangelisation and the spreading of the Gospel all over the world.

David has not always been like that: his faith and his desire to give his life to Jesus and Sto the Church was born only after his miraculous recovery from addiction to heroin, from which he recovered thanks to  the prayer of many people among whom a fifteen year old who followed the advice received. So my prayers were united to those of other people right at the time when David so badly needed them and this in itself represents more than a simple coincidence!

P.S. Today, David says that he would so much wish that our daughters, Carlotta and Elisabetta, would follow the same piece of advice!


(* Where the summer holidays of Turris Eburnea take place. NDR)

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