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Woman, who are you?

Woman, who are you?

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Today the woman is poorer.

The young woman is often lost in a false sense of maturity
due to the disparity between what she seeks and what she needs,
what she understands versus what she actually lives.
This disconnection, this discordance within her proves discouraging.
She is unable to live out the values impressed in her heart
while more often than not the family, unaware, leaves her to struggle with her problems.
Frustrated, she then resigns herself to be used, manipulated, sullied,
while unfortunately not understanding
the damaging consequences to herself as well as the other.
The “other” who today is the boyfriend, will tomorrow be the husband,
the day after the family, therefore in the end society.

(M. Elvira)

Woman, who are you?

You are the image and likeness of God.   You carry within you and throughout your life the image and likeness of God.   It is branded inside of you.   The likeness is something greater than the image.   Each of us, aside from being the image of a human person, resembles a father, a mother.   This likeness may be perfect, twin-like, or it could be deformed, disfigured.    When a woman chooses appearances over the natural being, when she becomes trendy, follows only her instinct, moves in with a chap, when she misuses her charm rather than make positive use of it, then she saves the image but loses the likeness of the original, hence she becomes altered – a ‘’little monster’’ who risks first to be sullied, and then discarded by others.

Young woman, why are you so nervous, so shabby and superficial?   Instead of speaking, you yell, or fall into a blank silence.   Why do you no longer smile, are not  enchanted by the eyes of a child, don’t wish to hold him tight in your arms?


Where has that woman gone that is impressed deep within you and in your heart?

Why are you no longer able to comfort, encourage, empathise, why does life not overflow in you?   Why are you lacking enthusiasm;  why do you wallow in indecision, laziness;  why do you calculate only your own self-interest?   If you are ‘’different’’, why do you allow the fear of remaining alone grip you?  

Why are you afraid of saying ‘’no’’ and easily ‘’reduce the costs’’?

Why do you play with fire, devaluing your body and your femininity?


Hey girl, but do you know who you are?

Do you know the dignity to which you are destined?

Do you know that you have within you the vessel of life?

Do you know that you hold between your hands the future of society?

Do you know that you have been called to write the history of mankind?

Do you know that if much is expected of you for good, much depends on you for evil?

Do you know that if you are incapable of saying ‘’no’’ to the feminine instinct within you, to the boy who is demanding, who tries and ‘’rips’’, you will never discover your greatness, nor will you allow the man to discover it, and some day you will be unable to educate your children by telling them ‘’no’’ when necessary?


Woman, but do you know to what you are called?

You are called to love, for such is God’s plan for you.
This call to love elevates you, makes you great.
But in order to respond to this call you must be clear in your mind of your worth;  if one is unclear about oneself, it is easy to skid and fail.
Much depends upon you:  your joy of life depends on how you respond to this invitation.
You might be powerfully good, or dreadfully evil;   your future and that of the world depends on your choices.
Rediscover the value of clarity, of transparency, of honesty, of respect for others.
Importantly, you must believe that also the boy has these values as well, and you can help him live out these values which are so crucial for his own as well as both your futures.
Help elevate him, not diminish!
Never confuse the love which is false, forbidden, illicit, and selfish with real love.
Real love is esteem, respect, sacrifice, the helping of one another to grow, to rise higher.
Beware!   If these characteristics are not there, you risk becoming an object of mere pleasure, and once you become an object in the hands of a man your worth vanishes.


Pleasure belongs to the senses and lasts but an instant;  Joy is of the soul and remains within you!
Because of your typically feminine characteristics, because of your natural biological ability to bear and carry life, you are deep within yourself aware that you cannot always be in charge of your life, of your time, that you cannot plan everything in your life.   You have been called to be God’s partner in the creation of life, that in the instant that conception is complete it does not end there, for you are equipped with the ability to nourish and grow the gift that dwells within you or that God has entrusted to you for immortality and eternity.
This is your real vocation!   If you accept abortion, you kill not only your child but your own life.   And if you have no love while giving life, you continue to generate abortions, corpses, death -  also in those living who meet you.
Only the blood of Jesus Crucified spilled on your sincere repentance in confession can cleanse you and give you peace each time you discover that your life does not generate.


Is there a model for us?

Yes, MARY, the woman, the bride, the mother,
the virgin of all time, even of your life-time and ours.
Look at her, and you will discover who you are!

(M. Elvira)

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