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I am beautiful because I love

I am beautiful because I love

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Beauty is part of a woman's grace.
There is no woman who does not wish to be beautiful.

The woman is beautiful, but her beauty
does not derive from the regularity of her features.
It comes from the presence of God in her,
by the inner light that illuminates her features.

It is God in us who is beautiful.

In the same way what is true is beautiful,
and so what is good is beautiful.

A good woman is beautiful.

Nothing makes a woman ugly like
the look she turns on herself.

How much energy does she spend in making herself beautiful, in order to appear, only to be obsessed with the first wrinkles and ageing, without being able to avoid the outrages of time.

On the other hand, nothing embellishes her like the gaze that God places on her.

Knowing ourselves loved by Someone who, above everything and everyone, loves us as we are,
makes us beautiful!


“Why are you so beautiful?”
I'm beautiful because I love

What a magnificent answer, and truly comforting for all those who are undermined by complexes and fears.


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