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The charm of the woman

The charm of the woman

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“Thank you, woman, for the very fact that you are a woman!
With the perception that is typical of your femininity
you enrich the understanding of the world
and contribute to the full truth of human relationships”.

(John Paul II - letter to women)


“Woman is the one who makes the world beautiful,
she who guards and keeps alive.
She brings you the grace that makes things new,
the embrace that includes, the courage to give oneself.
Peace is a woman. She is born and reborn from the tenderness of mothers.
Therefore the dream of peace comes true by looking at the woman…”

(Pope Francis)


I'm more and more realizing that women move the world,
that the man who has always been considered the stronger sex is actually the weaker.
If we help the girls to find their identity,
their beauty and the motivation for which they are in the world,
surely the world will get better, it will change for the better.

(M. Elvira)


spuntaEvery woman has a unique and unrepeatable value in herself: it is not only valid for her beauty or her physical appearance. It is up to us to be deeply convinced of this and to have ourselves respected as people, to make sure that children appreciate us for who we are "inside" and not just for how we appear.


True femininity never wants to impose itself in an aggressive and provocative way.

spuntaIn society the woman has a role of great importance only if she knows how to maintain and enhance her femininity.

spuntaA woman, unaware of her greatness and her dignity, can ruin not only herself, but all of humanity…

spuntaThe woman is never "neutral":
her extraordinary influence, positive or negative, is such as to affect the destiny of man

spuntaIn her clothing every woman has a silent but powerful language: she can speak to the soul or to the senses of those who observe her.
They are the ideas that dress the woman and the clothes she chooses express those ideas.

spuntaTrue elegance is knowing how to choose. Dress up your uniqueness!

spuntaEven if you feel like you've fallen into the mud and are worthless, just know that you are precious and it is always possible to get up and start over!

spuntaChildren need to be helped to truly love, to get out of their selfishness. This ability to educate children in true love is the greatness of women!

spuntaYou girls must be the artist, the sculptor, who with her chisel strokes says and does what needs to be done ... This is also one of the signs of true love. (d.Peyron)


Living modesty today is not easy: it is rowing against the tide, but I think it’s not a useless effort because it is essential to be free to love. I’m convinced that for men, bombarded from all sides by provocations and messages about sex, a woman that knows how to be reserved still has a charm. In true love reciprocity is important, even in modesty and purity. (testimony of a Turris model)

spuntaGirls! do not rush the stages! You will burn your life!

spuntaRediscover the value of clarity, transparency, honesty, respect for others.
It is very important that you believe that these values ​​must also exist in the boy and you can help him a lot to live these values ​​that are great and important for him, for your future. Help him up, not down!

spuntaDo not confuse false, forbidden, illicit, selfish love with true love.
True love is esteem, respect, sacrifice; is helping yourself to grow, to rise!
Be careful! If there are no such signs you can risk of becoming an object of pleasure and when you become an object in the hands of a man you are no longer worth anything. (m. Elvira)


“... God has given me many talents and I want to give back to Him my beauty and my heart:
I want to give them to him and to no one else”. In my past as a model
I realized that it gives me much more peace to believe in God
rather than in the way of thinking of the world.
What really matters is the answer you will give in life
to these two questions: what is love? And what is happiness?
If you do not have these answers, the world will give them to you as it pleases.
And the world does not love you: God will love you instead.
In my life I now have only one purpose:
I want God, looking and smiling at me”.               

(Lea Darrow - former American supermodel "TIMES" - November 2011)


Beautiful girls!
I needed the NO that wasn't a poor NO,
fearful and dismayed, and not even a NO of disgust,
nor a sad NO. But say a smiling NO,
that would give me the desire to respect you ...
Want to believe that love is too beautiful, a flower
to be trampled on when,
for our pleasure alone we try to tear it away.”



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