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Precious pearls

Precious pearls

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Here are some excerpts from the letters, homilies or thoughts of Don Peyron, considering them as little “PRECIOUS PEARLS”, that is, thoughts, apparently even very simple ones, that make faith grow.

Prayer is a cry to the Lord

"There are many graces that the Lord gives only if solicited by prayer, because prayer has been defined as the weakness of God and the omnipotence of man. So let us remember that we are not humans, much less Christians, if we have not learned this art of prayer. This art of prayer  which is a cry to the Lord, to the Lord who loves us, to the Lord who thinks of us, not only but, since today perhaps there are not so many people who pray, it is evident that Heaven sees those who pray with an eye of predilection. This is because these are people who on the one hand declare their littleness and their misery and on the other hand declare their trust in the omnipotence of God."

Give God the right place

"If an Angel were to appear to the many people of this world who are so busy with the affairs of the Earth, so much more so than the affairs of Heaven, and ask what place they give to the Lord, this angel would be scandalised because man kind does not place Jesus first. Many perhaps put him second, or even third or fourth, but the Lord does not want these places: He is either the first or the last. "

To be the light

“If our life is truly Christian, we are like a light that radiates; we are like a flame and therefore we warm this environment around us, which is so lukewarm with love of God and love of neighbour. "

Mom is the first "priest"

"Always remember that the mother is the first priest in the house and must lead by example. Today I saw a sick mother and I told her: today it is as if she were on a pulpit, she can give the sermon of patience, a wonderful sermon. Saint Francis de Sales used to say: in life you need a glass of wisdom, a barrel of prudence and a sea of patience. We need so much patience and we so have little! The mother is the first priest and the first catechist in her home, so she can do a lot of good. "

Mary, refuge of sinners

“Pilgrimages, the Pope said, still have their value. Is there anyone who needs some grace or any favor? Sanctuaries are scattered all over the world that are particularly providential because they have a whole history, and it is not a far-fetched story, it is the expression that Our Lady is truly present. The curate of Ars says: "Our Lady's heart is nothing but love and mercy". So if one takes her as an intercessor, everything is easier because Our Lady is not ashamed of being called the "refuge of sinners". So each of us can take refuge in the shadow of the Madonna who does not reject anyone. "

The Maternity of the Church

"It is very important to give our life meaning. You who are young, who are full of life, remember that this parable of youth will never return! Give a sense to your youth, but a sense that is a decisive struggle against all that is corruption, ignorance and error. Outside of here you will find corruption, ignorance and error. Of course, in order to be right there are many dogmas, but the dogma that suits me is the fact of the motherhood of the Church. That the Lord has given us a teacher, a mother. In fact I find this so natural, because if there were no guide, I don't know how we would know what the truth is. "

One can be holy

“Everyone's life has sorrows, sufferings, tribulations, but look at those who truly live the Christian spirit: they are always at peace, they are always in faith, they are always in serenity. Even today as yesterday and it will also be possible tomorrow, we can be saints, that is, those who want to strive for perfection, who want to reach the end and the only purpose for which God has lit the spark of our life. Now if one lives in the Lord, in his law, in friendship with the Lord, he not only lives in serenity, but feels the desire to communicate to others these principles that fill life with a joy that is real, then there is nothing more, absolutely no doubt, just certainty. "

Don't be ashamed of your faith

“God is Father, with him anything is possibile, he is omnipotent. There are many who reject him and put him aside. But the Lord never jokes! Human respect must be won. If one is ashamed of one's faith, it is the worst day of that person’s life because they will be left alone with their own misery. Life is an ascension and so you need a guide, a spiritual father. "

The Lord always does his part

If it is true that everything depends on God, it is also true that everything depends on me.

If zero remains attached to one it can acquire great value, but if it remains isolated it has none.

In the Saints we see very clearly the part of the Lord. The Lord always plays a part of their lives, he does it for each creature that he brings into the world, but the saints have become saints  through the adhesion they have given of their own will to the will of God.

We must not say: “Saint John Bosco, Saint Joseph Cottolengo were lucky. the Lord has done great things in them .. "

The Lord has given us even greater grace, but he is waiting to see our good will, those little efforts that are absolutely necessary, indeed indispensable, if we want to get even more from the Lord. When I think of the Lord, it amazes me to see how he fully respects our freedom. The Lord says: "If you want, if you have ..."

He never forces his hand. The Lord says, "It's always okay." and waits to see on our part the effort of good will, our personal contribution, that is, our adhesion, our freedom, and our signature. That is what counts!

Be joyful

"We Christians, if we have truly understood the truths of Christianity, if we have God's grace in our hearts (if we have not lost it through sin), if we think about the things that await us, we should always be in joy, in ecstasy, always with arms raised. If one allows himself be blinded by the sun, afterwards he no longer sees the things of this world.

We should be dazzled by heavenly things and understand that we must use the things of the earth that are useful for eternal life.

A soul in love with the Lord, finds a way to praise him in everything. All things are a ladder to go to Him. "

Everything is always fine

“everyday, as in life itself  there are always many circumstances that upset us, but in reality they do not really upset the people who keep the paperwork with just two fingers, and allow the Lord do the rest"

A frayed rope

If you put your trust in men, in creatures, you are like a mountaineer who is attached to a frayed rope. Our trust is in the Lord.

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