To fly high in love

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To fly high in love, say...


NO to violence. If your boyfriend or girlfriend strikes you or somebody else, do not stay in the relationship! You are on a very dangerous path, it’s best to run away.                 

spuntaNO to blackmail. If your relationship is built on blackmail: “if you do that,  then you don’t love me”, “if you do this, then I shall do that” and so on, you have to break it off immediately.

spuntaNo to isolation. A sentence like: “it’s me or your friends” or “it’s me or your parents” betray a pathological mind. you need to give up on this relationship right away.

spuntaNo to secrets. “Let’s be together but we won’t tell anybody”. Why? they probably have another partner and don’t want him or her to know about you. If this the case or if they are ashamed of you, they do not deserve you.

spuntaNo to the Red-Cross syndrome. Do not date somebody to rescue him or her from an allegedly dramatic situation. In that kind of circumstances, a strong and serene friendship is much more helpful. To have a boyfriend or a girlfriend must make YOU feel good, it’s not some kind of voluntary work.

spuntaNo to somebody much older than you. When you are a teenager, it’s better to wait and know yourself better. A big age difference means you cannot think in the same way and is likely to be harmful to you, even if it is not intended

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